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Studios, Research and Study Laboratories


For the courses in the areas of science and technology, there are laboratories of study and research, particularly the School of Biotechnology (Porto) laboratories for the study of Engineering of Bioprocesses and Biopolymers, Control and Optimisation of Food Processes, Fundamental Microbiology and Applied, and Environmental Studies.


The students of the School of Arts, in Porto, have a set of equipment and facilities as means of support:

  • Music listening club with attached music library;
  • Pipe organs, harpsichords, pianos;
  • Television studio;
  • Control room for sound, image and lightening;
  • Recording, editing and video post-production units;
  • Assembly stations for locution, production and sound editing;
  • Video and DVD viewing rooms.

Social Communication students benefit from the support of a radio studio, a multimedia room and a photo lab. In Viseu, the dentistry course inaugurated in late 2001 a fully equipped dental clinic allowing students to put into practice a new concept of interactive and flexible teaching called HEINET (Human Education Interactive NETwork), entirely based on Information and Communication Technologies.


In addition to computer support provided by IT Services, students have free-standing computer rooms.

Virtual Campus

UCP is integrated into a major national e-university project, E-U Virtual Campus, which has allowed the creation of online university services, the production and sharing of academic content, Internet access (and Intranet) outside and inside the university, anytime, anywhere.

The campuses are covered by a Wi-Fi network and students can access, with their laptop, the internet and online services everywhere in UCP.

There are, however, preferential places of work specially prepared for the use of the network. Those places are equipped with chairs, tables and electrical outlets, as well as printers.