Search and Manage Information Resources

The Libraries of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa provide a set of services which, in an integrated manner, aim to assist users in the search, retrieval and management of information resources relevant to their academic career or at the level of research. In addition to a vast training plan and support materials that are made available by Libraries to the academic community to promote an efficient relationship between all their users and information resources, the following services are also highlighted:

The reference and research service consists of personalized support offered to users, aiming to guide and empower them in the processes of research, manage and use of information resources, physical and electronic. This service can be provided in several ways: in person (even by appointment), by e-mail, by telephone, or through the Bibliographic Catalog which offers features specifically designed for this purpose.

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The UCP Libraries provide domiciliary loan services, safeguarding that only works with unrestricted access are available for this purpose. This service also contemplates the possibility of requisitioning works that are found in any UCP Library, nevertheless the request must be analysed by the Library to which it belongs and may contemplate transportation costs to the user in requests with urgency character. All the conditions for using the domiciliary loan service are detailed in the UCP Library Regulation, namely, loan terms and limits, renewals, bookings, penalties for delay in returns, and compensation for loss or damage.

Through the interlibrary loan service users can get access to items from other libraries, both domestic and foreign. These requests can be made through email or in person at the service desk of each Library. The costs inherent to this service are advertise in each Library at the reception desk.

The UCP Libraries ensures the acquisition, technical treatment and availability of new information resources, like books or journals, suggested by internal users, once they have academic relevance. It should be noted that the suggestions will be submitted to the appreciation of a teacher identified by the respective Academic Unit and, if the evaluation is positive, the item will be acquired and made available in the corresponding Library collection.

Users may copy and request the digitization of documentation, in strict compliance with the Code of Copyright and Related Rights. In some Libraries, the reproduction of part of any reserved work can only be carried out by their collaborators, constituting a service made available to the entire community, upon payment of any associated costs.