Clubs and Activities

Media Clubs

The Pontivírgula newspaper is a media outlet created and managed by the students of the Faculty of Human Sciences. As a university newspaper, it excels in disseminating topical and cultural news, encouraging students to explore their talents and interests, acquire skills and prepare for their professional life.


QuaseFM Radio is a radio station created and managed by the Faculty of Human Sciences students. Students create daily radio broadcasts during the Radio Project module, with partial transmission to the University campus. This helps bring together different communities that can listen to the station or follow it on social networks.

Social networks:

Newspaper run by students/alumni of the Institute for Political Studies (IEP).


Newspaper of the Law Students of the Porto Regional Centre of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.


Diurna. is a project developed by a group of students of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, which debuted in November 2020, at the Porto campus. The beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year marks the transition of the Diurna. brand to a national project, coordinated between two editorial teams, one at the Porto campus and the other at the Lisbon campus of the Universidade Católica.

Read the latest edition here (available in Portuguese only). To participate in the next editions, contact



The Comunica-te newspaper is entirely idealised, planned and executed by the students of the second year of the Print Journalism Atelier of the Undergraduate Degree in Communication Sciences of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences. It is printed quarterly and inserted in the local Portuguese newspaper Diário do Minho. It is a laboratory experience, which simulates the environment of a newsroom, from the hierarchical chain to the fieldwork and design, allowing students to experience an accurate perception of journalistic work.

Music Clubs

Musical group formed by students of the Institute of Health Sciences (Lisbon).


The CATÓLICA-LISBON Big Band is a non-traditional jazz band, which welcomes students, faculty, staff and former students, regardless of their degree of experience or the instrument they play. 

For enrolments in the musical project, contact: Daniela Gomes

More information

Fado and Guitar musical group formed by students of the Porto Regional Centre.

Musical group formed by students of the Porto Regional Centre.


Musical group formed by female students of the Porto Regional Centre.


Musical group formed by female students of the Braga Regional Centre.


Theatre and Film Clubs

A club from the School of Arts that organises free cinema sessions, supporting students interested in learning about and searching for cinematographic references.

On the other hand, it also seeks to promote emerging names from the national cinematographic panorama.

Debate and Social Causes Clubs

UCP's Lisbon branch of HeForShe, a solidarity movement for gender equality, founded by the UN.


Nucleus of the UCP in Porto of HeForShe, a solidarity movement for gender equality, founded by the UN.


AIESEC is an international platform that enables the personal and professional development of young students through teamwork, exchange and volunteering programmes.


Debating Society the Universidade Católica in Lisbon in partnership with AAD-UCP (Law Academic Association)

The Católica Porto Debating Society is an association composed of university students from different courses on the Porto campus that aims to create spaces - from students to students - for the free sharing of ideas, positions and arguments on a wide variety of topics. Such sharing will always be moderated and imbued with a spirit of tolerance, following the rules of the British Parliamentary debate model.


Catholic Student Groups

International Clubs

2nd Home is an organisation made up of students and alumni of the Católica Porto campus who aim to help integrate international newcomers into the university environment.